Christ Ambassador, High-End Product Consultant & Electronics Reuse Advocate. My #1 goal is to help you achieve your Giant Goals at Scale.

Design and Innovation that Builds Wealth for Real People

Delali Anyigbah’s excelling career has revolved around the business of design that puts people first. His strategic product consulting humanizes success, products, services and experiences through research, insights, market and design strategies to help his success associates with generating real wealth long-term and assist their businesses to thrive at scale from success motivation plus high-end marketing to hands-on product UI/UX design to sustainable citizenship initiatives in Africa. A visionary, disruptive innovator and a gifted conceptual thinker, Delali is passionate about and committed to designing better futures in a high-tech entrepreneurial environment which is laser-focused on helping people live better, work smarter and contribute to make our world a better place.

Delali’s success associates include, passionate leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million-dollar companies and other various occupations that are thriving no matter the type of business or local economy.

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YOU CAN HELP! ...your Old, Used and Unwanted Computer Could Help Children Learn Technology?

Computers that contribute to environmental damage instead could contribute to digital equity. “To our children what they need is just a computer, nothing like OLD or NEW and it goes a long way to change their lives forever!” Support Computer Literacy in Africa today!